Real Talent: Jamie Laval

16 Nov
Jamie Laval Sitting

Jamie Laval Sitting, foot tapping, violinning. Click for full size.

It’s a funny thing, talent. For those who have it in abundance, especially in the arts, that’s about it. So, you’re a child prodigy writing symphonies as a teen? Yep, gonna’ die before 40. Brilliant painter? Yeah, cuttin’ yer ear off, no doubt.

But this past weekend, I had the unique experience of  attending a private concert at the home of friends to enjoy the music of Mr. Jamie Laval. Not only does he play a mean fiddle (or violin, depending on the style of music), but he manages to operate all four limbs in perfect sync to sound the beat. And not only does he achieve all that, but between tunes he illustrates the scene with wonderful detail, giving us a deeper appreciation of the material. And not only all that, but he also is a friendly, articulate guy who, by my humble estimation, has his act together. At least enough to wow everyone in attendance on this evening. From his official bio:

ONE OF THE premier Celtic violinists on the international music scene today, Jamie Laval creates rapt audiences with his intensely passionate performances of traditional music of Scotland, Ireland, Brittany and Quebec, rendered with hints of classical refinement and ethnic music from around the world. Jamie has also collaborated on numerous television, film, and CD recordings, including Dave Matthews’ Some Devil, Warner Bros. Pictures’ Wild America, and recent live performances include the NBC Today Show, as well as a private appearance for Her Majesty the Queen.

Definitely get in touch with him if you own an Irish pub, appreciate four-limbed rhythm & fiddle, or if you just want a CD. Jamie is talented, and is the real deal.

Photos by me, using Hipstamatic Nashville HipstaPak & Noir post-processing 

Jamie Laval Standing

Jamie Laval Standing. Click for full size.


Have you ever attended a house concert? Do you play an instrument? When is the last time you heard a song and it transported you to another time and place? Let us hear from you in the comments!

4 Responses to “Real Talent: Jamie Laval”

  1. Miss Demure Restraint November 17, 2011 at 6:32 pm #

    I will have to check out more of Mr. Laval’s music. I have a passion for Celtic music anyway. Thanks for the post and the little preview of the music.

    • rsmithing November 17, 2011 at 8:35 pm #

      Cool! He’s got he skills, for sure. I can personally vouch for that. Glad you dig my bootleg concert footage.

  2. Patrick Gervais November 17, 2011 at 9:12 am #

    Sounds like a fun evening. These home performances are great. I’m actually going to one Saturday night and will surely post something next week. I will also be performing as well so a fun weekend coming up.

    • rsmithing November 17, 2011 at 9:23 am #

      Awesome! Be sure to get photos (like I even have to suggest that). It was definitely special. We felt like part of a fine tradition, especially thanks to Jamie’s setting the scene. We were all picturing ourselves in a Scottish hunting lodge or tavern from centuries back. Thanks for commenting, and I’ll be looking forward to your post!

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