Stuff You May Have Missed: February 2012

29 Feb
February was quite a month at

Sabbath and Roses and Jurors – Oh, My! Big month here at

To make sure I stay on track with blogging, I’ve set myself the goal each month of writing at least one major post about each of the categories covered here at Early on, I didn’t even bother with categories, but as the amount of my posts grew, it made sense to, well, categorize them. Doing this in WordPress makes for an easy navigation menu, and that’s a blogging best practice: including navigation to give visitors a sense of what the heck your site is about.

I’ve done this successfully for two months now, and since you may be a follower, you might be interested in at least one of these posts (and if you aren’t following, consider signing up at left like all the cool kids are doing). Whether recent or from way back four or so weeks ago, your comments are very, very much appreciated, because, well, you rule for reading this.

Seriously: Thank You, from all of us at (i.e. me and the cats). And now, the rundown:


A Rosy Photo Edit Tutorial – 2/14
• Jury Duty – 2/14
• Single Image Sundays: Inch Nail – 2/26

Social Media

• Postcards From the Social Media Edge: Postagram – 2/22


• Garbage Video Fan Art: Crowdsourcing Done Right – 2/16


• – the Next Level of Mobile Photo Sharing – 2/5


• Beats Antique: Tribal Fusion Electronica Awesomeness – 2/29


• Contrasts Make Connections – 2/7

What do you think? Should I keep doing this every month, or have you already seen all the posts here? If so, which was your favorite? Want me to comment on a post of yours? Just share your link in the comments below or at the posts listed and let’s do this!

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