National Moth Week: Mmm… Sugar Water! [VIDEO]

25 Jul


This recent visitor was very cooperative during a quick photo shoot, so I wanted to give him a reward. After some investigation, I learned moths like nectar, aka liquid sugar. So I went to the kitchen, poured a tiny bit of sugar in a spoon, dissolved it in water, then poured some next to him to see what happened. Obviously, it was quite tasty — watch that tongue go! Afterward I set him free into the night with a full belly. For more moth fun, check out National Moth Week, and the hashtag #NationalMothWeek on Twitter, Flickr, Google Plus, and Instagram.

Photos from this photo shoot:

Click for more like this at my Flickr photostream

The Moth King

What do you think? Are you participating in National Moth Week? Have you ever actively attempted to feed an insect? Did you know moths have tongues? Let us hear from you in the comments!

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