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Garbage Video Fan Art: Crowdsourcing Done Right

16 Feb

I love it when a plan comes together, and this one fires on my favorite cylinders: music, iPhoneography, social media and especially Public Relations. How could I not write a blog post about this!?  I’m sending a huge thanks to one of my favorite bands, Garbage, for including my artwork in the promo video for I Hate Love,  a track off their new album due in May, their first in seven years. I don’t hate love, but I do love me some Garbage, and not just because of their excellent taste in visual art. My grungy abstraction, “Heart on a Wall” flashes for half a second at :44 — if you don’t want to see it, be sure to blink. Just to prove I am not making this up, here ’tis:

Yeah! That’s us! Woo! Garbage!

The group even refers to it a “beautiful” in their Facebook album of all the artwork:

Aww, you guys! What a band!

Back in the day I saw Garbage rock the house, and Shirley Manson signed my ticket afterward, now enshrined in my mini-Hard Rock Cafe. Awesomeness all around.

Oh, and in the time between calling for submissions and posting the results, Garbage drummer and famed producer Butch Vig was on the Grammys behind Dave Grohl dropping a killer acceptance speech.

Obviously, I am pumped for this album. I’ve been a fan of the group since day one, and think they’re a talented bunch. Props to the band for some smart and fun crowdsourcing — way to make the most of social media and get the promo machine rolling for the record. It’s low-cost, super fun for the fans, and you might even get some music nerd to write a blog about it. Check their site for a look at how they did this.

This even made USA Today – wow! Way to score some earned media.

Garbage I Hate Love USA Today

All other bands should take note. Seriously. Email me. Let’s do some iPhoneography.

Have you ever been part of a crowdsourced promotion through social media or other media? Have you ever interacted directly with a favorite band, professional athlete, artist, public figure, or a celebrity you admire? Is there value in this type of promotion? Let us hear from you in the comments!
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