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Vacation’s Vision, Via Hipstamatic

8 Jan
All photos from Hipstamatic via iPhone

Click to see more from this trip, mainly in Hipstamatic, at Flickr.

There’s nothing quite so satisfying for a creative person as executing a vision. To have an idea, see the steps in your mind, then follow through with all of them to bring into reality a concept existing only in your brain… into something you and everyone else can touch and see from then on — it’s a deeply, deeply fulfilling experience in many ways.

On a recent vacation, I made it a point to document choice moments with Hipstamatic — in this case, when celebrating with a beverage. We took off to Cabo San Lucas for a week last month (don’t get the wrong idea; jetsetters we ain’t), and while there I had the vision to capture occasions in Hipstamatic to be assembled in a collage frame upon return. I picked one of these frames up at Michael’s last week (for $12 on sale!), finally wrapped up the printing today, and am thrilled with the result. It hangs on the wall next to me as I type this.

Is That All You Did on Vacation?

Haha. Please note that we did many, many other things on this trip, and these are only 12 photos from the course of a week, and adults who have made the informed decision to consume alcohol should only do so in a responsible manner. That said, this vision turned out beautifully by my standards, and I encourage you to do the same on your own adventure, especially with Hipstamatic.

Have you ever done something similar to document your own vacation or life event? Do you print your own photos, or do you prefer to send off for prints? Ever used Hipstamatic on vacation? What were the results? Let us hear from you in the comments!
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