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WordPress is Best

11 Jan
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I don’t work for WordPress, and there are certainly other great blogging platforms, but I emphatically agree with the points noted recently at ShoutMeLoud, where Mr. Harsh Agrawal lists key reasons why WordPress is the best blogging platform. And Mr. Agrawal would certainly know — see his journey in the Related Articles at the end of this post on how he actually developed income and was presented with his first car through blogging.

I do this for personal development and creative fun, but the idea of making some spare cash or (cue Price is Right voice) A New Car (!!!) is pretty cool. Along with Agrawal’s observations on the WordPress platform, I’ll add:

  • Intuitiveness – through years of refinement, WordPress’s interface is simple for a beginner to understand, yet fluid enough not to slow down those more experienced.
  • Cross-functionality – whether you start with a free WordPress.com blog or go for a self-hosted site via WordPress.org, the interface remains similar enough so that your knowledge of how to use the system easily transfers.

But What Do I Know, Right?

I’ve designed custom WordPress themes; created self-hosted sites with WordPress as content management system; incorporated WordPress blogs into private non-WordPress sites; and of course, run this humble site you’re reading now through WordPress.com (but with my own rsmithing.com domain). I’ve developed code and managed several sites with other CMSs including Ektron, Joomla, and a slew of straight-up hard-coded sites run via good ol’ Dreamweaver or even PageMill. That said, even having used other publishing platforms like Blogger or LiveJournal (no disrespect to any of these), it’s still WordPress for the win in my book.

You have found the best. Welcome. We’re glad you made it. Enjoy.

What’s your favorite blogging platform and why? If WordPress, what made you give it a try? Have you used others and had better or worse experiences? Let us hear from you in the comments!
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