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Crossroads, Onward

6 Nov
Dream Catcher by rsmithing

“Dream Catcher”
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So what if the world ends
Was it ever real to begin with?
Does anything really exist,
When it’s up to us to decide what “existence” means?

Maybe I’m plowing old ground.
Certainly, someone’s been here before.
I sure know I have.
Because I remember it from a dream.

Where did that memory come from?
An intersection of a thousand other memories.
Who’s to say we only live in the present
When the past is so alive?

Not that we can ever go back.
Onward. That is all.
Not a test, but the end?
Sure. Until next time.

Music accompaniment: Tomahawk, “Desastre Natural”

Basic Princples of Hand-to-Hand Combat

5 Dec Basic Principles of Hand-to-Hand Combat
  1. Be aggressive.
  2. Keep eyes on the opponent.
  3. Distract the opponent.
  4. Disable or be disabled.
  5. Vary the attack to fit the situation.
  6. Turn the defense into an unrelenting attack.
  7. Feel superior to your opponent regardless of the latter’s size or evidence of strength.
Basic Principles of Hand-to-Hand Combat

Inspired by Tomahawk's Aktion F1413

You know you will have little time to stop and think when engaging in hand-to-hand combat. Therefore, your actions must be automatic. Remember, attack aggressively, with one purpose in mind: to kill.

For a detailed overview, see Combatives, FM 3-25.150, (via U.S. Army).

For a musical memory device to help remember these principles, see the following (via Tazwegian). Note: contains  simulated mildly violent imagery.

All of this inspired by the mighty Tomahawk.

What’s your opinion of these principles? Think they would serve you well in a hand-to-hand combat situation? What other suggestions would you advise? Are you also a Patton fan? Tell us in the comments!

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