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Curiosity meets art – Single Image Sundays

16 Jun
Curiosity meets art by rsmithing

Young boy takes an interest in an older gentleman’s drawing of a sculpture. Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC. Detail here.

I snapped this earlier in the year on a visit to the museum. The man was rendering a highly detailed drawing of a sculpture when the boy stopped to check it out. It was great seeing the man directly engage the boy’s curiosity – two personalities growing for a moment toward each other, through art.

Shot with my iPhone 5 via Hipstamatic.

The Met goes Online for the Photo-Sharing Masses

24 Oct

Instagram, meet your ancestors: an exhibit’s digital version bridges the generations of old school photo manipulation and our social media-fueled image sharing obsessions.

There’s an astounding display of pre-computer-era photomontage and photomanipulation now exhibiting at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City: Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop. It’s got everything from vintage trickery to surrealist expressions, all done before the advent of digital tools like Photoshop. In a beautiful irony, the exhibition is made possible by Adobe, makers of the Photoshop software.

But you don’t have visit NYC to see it…

What’s amazing to me, and what inspired this post, is that there’s an equally astounding digital representation of the works available for your browsing pleasure – more than 200 in all. Online, for free. Which is pretty darned sweet.

Faking It - Manipulated Photography before Photoshop at The Metropolitan Museum of Art's website.

Click this link at the site and enjoy.

An innocuous “Works in the Exhibition” link just above the fold at The Met’s website takes you to an incredible look at what’s inside. I call it incredible not just for the content (which is beyond incredible to me), but because it exists online for our easy perusal and sharing. I’m thrilled not only to see such amazing art here, but also to see The Met’s embracing of the digital community in order to promote the exhibit.

The site features an elegant photo slide show, complete with sharing functionality to Pinterest, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and other networks. They even offer hi-res jpegs of some of the works for extra-close viewing or downloading via fullscreen mode.

Download select images from the exhibition

There’s an app for that, of course

Perhaps you would prefer to view these works on your iPad? No problem. The free iPad app accompanying the exhibition offers easy browsing of a handful of the included works and an interactive quiz exploring the motivations and techniques.

There's an app for that.The app’s target audience seems to be the kids, and I bet this would make a fascinating case to a young creative mind about the power of photo manipulation as art and the importance of questioning what we see – with the latter becoming ever more important considering the issues raised by digital photo editing and popular notions of beauty.

More than just “fakes”

Long before Instagram or Photoshop, there was darkroom wizardry. What got me interested in the exhibit in the first place was its inclusion of amazing photomontage art from the likes of Jerry Uelsmann (my all-time top inspiration) and Angus McBean:

More than just "Fakes"

Jerry Uelsmann, “Untitled,” 1976.                       Angus McBean, “Christmas Card,” 1949,

In my opinion, the app and companion website add tremendous value to the whole endeavor, allowing people to connect and interact with historically relevant art in ways that are common these days because of experiences like InstagramPinterest – and especially Photoshop. Huge props to Adobe for sponsoring this.

Thanks to the Met’s generous actions in the digital realm, I’m even more inclined now to physically visit the museum, see these works in person and probably buy a catalogue in the meantime (and speaking of catalogues, check out these other more than 300 Met Museum catalogues downloadable for free).

Having been a graphic artist for many years, I’ve practically lived in Photoshop as an operating system, and working there is my favorite part of design, more so than typography or arranging layouts – leading right up to today with my own iPhone photomontage creations:

The Aha Moment - Richard Smith

“The Aha Moment”
More of my stuff at Pinterest or 500px.

I’m happy to have signed up for a My Met membership thanks to this excellent digital representation, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of what’s to come – something I hadn’t much considered until discovering the online component of this exhibit. Props to The Met for harnessing and embracing the power of the Internet for cultural benefit. Now go visit The Met’s site, metmuseum.org and discover something cool for yourself.

What do you think? Does such open sharing increase or decrease the value of museum offerings? Or is that a non-issue in our world of mobile photography, photo-sharing networks and interconnectedness? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Cop Shoot Cop – Any Day Now

31 May


They don’t make lyrics like this anymore

One of these days, I’ll sell my soul—
And let ’em find out what they bought…

I hate to be one of those “back in my day…” geezers, but when it comes to this band, I make no apologies. Cop Shoot Cop were an anomaly for any time, regardless of their existence for a brief part of the ’90s. These days, I enjoy plenty of modern music, but for my money, Cop Shoot Cop’s Release is one of the finest rock compositions ever laid to tape. It is truly one of those records I’d bring to the deserted island, along with a solar-powered playback device. And maybe a boat.

Any Day Now from Release

One of these days Mr. Opportunity gonna be knocking on my door
One of these days I’ll read the writing on the wall
One of these days I’ll be a spectator in an audience of whores
One of these days I’m gonna run until I fall

One of these days I’ll win the lottery and wake up a millionaire
One of these days I’m gonna get myself a job
One of these days They’re gonna stop the world and I won’t even care
One of these days I’m gonna finally believe in God

One of these days I’m gonna grow up to become the President
One of these days I’ll find the woman of my dreams
One of these days I’m gonna find these truths to be self-evident
One of these days I’ll blow my brains out on T.V.

One of these days
One of these days

One of these days I’m gonna get in shape, become an astronaut
One of these days My fears are gonna fall down the stairs
One of these days I’ll sell my soul and let them find out what they bought
One of these days I’m gonna shave off all my hair

One of these days I’m gonna learn to play and write myself a song
One of these days I’ll take my conscience out to lunch
One of these days I’m gonna buy the plans and build the atom bomb
One of these days I’ll have the guts to play my hunch

One of these days, one of these days…

Any day now, any day now…

Please note recommended playback volume.

What do you think? Have you ever heard of Cop Shoot Cop? Or Firewater? What’s another band from 1994 (or 2004) you’re still into? Let us hear from you in the comments!
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