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Chainsaw Kittens: Pop Heiress Still Rules

25 May
Chainsaw Kittens - Pop Heiress

The Chainsaw Kittens’ 1994 album, Pop Heiress

I played the daylights out of Chainsaw Kittens records in the ’90s. The Kittens were an Oklahoma-based outfit who kicked out some bang-up fabulous alt-rock. I even got the band’s newsletter (literally a letter that came in the mail), one time with a note from singer Tyson Meade – a huge thrill back then. I had all their records memorized, even the obscure EPs (some of their most exciting stuff, in fact).

This week. I downloaded Pop Heiress after not hearing it for years, and wow, do those songs hold up. It’s been trippy and great hearing them in high fidelity – as opposed to a dubbed cassette copy of a CD playing through my crappy car speakers. These guys didn’t exactly make it big, but they definitely made a big impression on those who listened. Also good: Violent Religion, Flipped Out In Singapore, Chainsaw Kittens (self-titled album).

What do you think? Ever heard of The Chainsaw Kittens? What’s some music from your past that you’ve revisited lately? Let us hear from you in the comments.
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