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What Smartphone Apps Have Changed Your Life?

10 Jan

Has the way you live evovled by way of a smartphone app? What’s a non-standard add-on (besides maps, texting, etc.) that’s changed – hopefully for the better – the way you conduct daily life? Not necessarily saying they’re the very best, here are my immediate top three:

Instagram App1. Instagram

This app has literally changed the way I see the world and connected me with people from all over the globe through a very user-friendly interface, turning ordinary snapshots into art with the barest minimum of effort. I now see the world through “Instagram Eyes” and have gotten so much from what it offers Although the recent spam influx and terms of service update now have me exploring elsewhere, there’s no denying Instagram’s impact.

Dragon Dictation2. Dragon Dictation

This app listens to what you say and turns it into text. It’s like magic. It’s fast, intuitive, and lets you easily email, MMS, or copy and paste what you say. I’ve used it for years to handle texting and  composing blog posts, and it accurately gets the job done every single time. It’s been life-changing by by bringing my phone new functionality with incredible convenience and capability. Now that speech-to-text is built into the iPhone, I’ve been using Dragon less, but they were the ones to get it right first.

Pandora3. Pandora

This is the mobile version of the already robust website, but I mention it here because of how it’s impacted my enjoyment of music. Pandora is streaming radio where you create stations based on artists, songs or themes. It serves up related music, and gets better over time as you thumbs-up or thumbs-down what plays. I couldn’t begin tell you how much great music I’ve discovered this way. It’s a simple premise: “if you like this, then you might also like this” — and Pandora’s highly personalized  approach wins the day for me, even though I also enjoy similar services like 8Tracks. Even TheStreet.com says Pandora has “rendered terrestrial radio, on a grand scale, obsolete.” Consider how long radio has been in our lives as you consider that statement.

What do you think? What apps have made a difference in the way you do things? Let us hear from you in the comments.

KITT iPhone Wallpaper: Digital Ancestry

31 Jan
KITT iPhone Wallpaper

A modern-day tribute to K.I.T.T. of Knight Rider

Click to Download KITT iPhone Wallpaper

If you’re a Gen-Xer, there’s a chance you might have had a favorite TV show back in the early ’80s, Friday nights on NBC: Knight Rider. Sort of Dukes of Hazzard meets “the future” with David Hasselhoff as a renegade crime fighter…. and a TALKING CAR!

A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist...

Knight Rider: iPhone Ancestor © 1982 Universal Studios

Wow! A car that talks! Something as ubiquitous as a car that responds to voice commands with usable information? Some machinery that nearly all adults interact with daily can understand what we say and respond accordingly? Only in Hollywood or a James Bond film would we ever hope for such within our reach. Right?

iPhone Wallpaper - Siri weighs in

iPhone Wallpaper – Siri weighs in – click to play video via Gizmodo

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KITT I need you buddy!

Do you remember Knight Rider? Do you have another example of digital ancestry like KITT? What are your thoughts on David Hasselhoff? Let us hear from you in the comments!
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