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Young Rocker With Dad – Single Image Sundays

17 Jun


My dad took me to my first concert, Johnny Cash at the ’82 World’s Fair, when I was a boy. We sat way up high near the top of a stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee, and I still remember the shine from Cash’s sequined jacket (black, of course).

This photo is one I took this week in that tradition: a dad hoists up his boy to watch Weezer recently in Las Vegas – note the youngster getting in on the fun by giving the “W” hand gesture. It was a great show, and especially cool to see a parent educating his kid in the ways of rocking. Nice Father’s Day image, right there.

What was your first concert? Did a parent take you? Have you taken one of your brood to a rock show? Let us hear from you in the comments!
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