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Recent Musical Obsessions

1 Dec

Here are some songs I have been obsessed with lately. For one reason or another these tunes have been on repeat in my brain and in my iPod consistently the last several weeks.

“Baby Blue” by Badfinger

Ever since the final episode of Breaking Bad, like millions of other folks, I’ve been obsessed with this catchy tune by ’70s power pop rockers Badfinger. This track was the perfect music for the final moments of one of the best shows on television.

“Headache” by Frank Black

I first heard this song in the ’90s after Black’s band, The Pixies, broke up (now back together and touring), and I enjoyed the retro look of the video of the time. Little did I know, for some reason, I would want to hear the song over and over a decade later. I borrowed some of the lyrics for one of my recent photomontages.

Wrinkle In Time

“Wrinkle In Time” – Click to see full size

“In the Garage” by Weezer

I like the simple sing-song melody and declarations of what’s important: a 12-sided die, posters of KISS, and the safety a space like a garage can offer a creative spirit, something no doubt familiar to the members of Weezer, one of my favorite bands.

What do you think? What are some songs that have been in your head lately? Where do you go to discover new music? Let us hear from you in the comments.

Young Rocker With Dad – Single Image Sundays

17 Jun


My dad took me to my first concert, Johnny Cash at the ’82 World’s Fair, when I was a boy. We sat way up high near the top of a stadium in Knoxville, Tennessee, and I still remember the shine from Cash’s sequined jacket (black, of course).

This photo is one I took this week in that tradition: a dad hoists up his boy to watch Weezer recently in Las Vegas – note the youngster getting in on the fun by giving the “W” hand gesture. It was a great show, and especially cool to see a parent educating his kid in the ways of rocking. Nice Father’s Day image, right there.

What was your first concert? Did a parent take you? Have you taken one of your brood to a rock show? Let us hear from you in the comments!
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