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Trade Street and Tree

16 Dec
Trade Street And Tree

Trade St. & Tree | See full size at 500px | Originals at Flickr

I’ve been meaning to document this doorway for a while. I ride by it at least a few dozen times every month. So it only felt right to work it into a montage. I snapped an image of it using Hipstamatic one day while waiting at a traffic light. Later, I realized it would be more interesting with the door part obscured and replaced with an image of a tree. I snapped the tree photo in the moment, especially for this image. But it still needed at least one more element, so I browsed through my repository of unfettered originals from here and there, and found the perfect complement in this outdoor light from a bar, Single Brothers, a few blocks up from where the door exists.

Trade Street and Tree

Originals at Flickr

So, I mix all this together in Photoforge2 with masks, a border, varying levels of curves/levels/clarification adjustments, and here we are: an image to accurately represent my creative vision that also represents a part of my city. There’s even more of Winston-Salem, on Instagram, courtesy the good folks at Airtype and their Winstagram project.

What do you think? Ever seen any interesting doorways in your city? What would you create in a photomontage? Let us hear from you in the comments.

Mooney’s – Single Image Sundays

12 Aug

When an afternoon thunderstorm sends you into the right spot at the right time…

Mooney's Mediterranean Cafe. Click to see more like this on the Pinterest board of my iPhoneography.

Mooney’s Mediterranean Cafe, Winston-Salem, NC.
Click to see more like this on the Pinterest board of my iPhoneography.

Downtown on a Saturday just after the start of a thunderstorm was the perfect place for this quick snapshot of a peaceful moment, reflecting on the day so far and the future ahead, while anticipating Mooneys‘ excellent shawerma over hummus. In retrospect, I’m grateful for having the technology and inclination to document the moment. It was one of those simple times that’s easy to forget, but worthwhile to remember.

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What do you think? Ever serendipitously documented a moment that you only realized later? Ever wish you’d done that? How do you think you might do that in the future? Let us hear from you in the comments!

Join the Pin Party!

A pin party is where bloggers get together and pin each other’s posts. This is my first time trying one, inspired by Sarah Dawn Designs.


Pin Party Rules:
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Single Image Saturdays: Spring is Springing

10 Mar


From today’s afternoon walk around town. Shot via iPhone using Hipstamatic with Libatique 73 lens and Ina’s 1969 film. Full-size version over at Flickr.

Single Image Sundays: Skull Pendant

5 Mar
Smiling Skull Pendant by Lucy Duncan of Earthbound Arts

Smiling Skull Pendant by Lucy Duncan of Earthbound Arts, Winston-Salem, NC.

This week’s Single Image Sunday comes from my participation in a challenge on Instagram, where participants are given three days and six images to craft some interesting visuals using only the Hipstamatic app and a certain lens & film combination. Entries are judged by the contest hosts, and the winner gets to pick the next lens/film combination. It’s a fun way to see what can be done with the app by its enthusiasts, and for someone like me who tends to stick with only a few combinations, it’s an encouraging way to challenge myself to see what can be done with combos I might not otherwise consider, as in the case of last week’s Single Image Sunday. More on this at the mxgxpx challenge. For you Hipstamatic users, this was done with the Jimmy lens and BlacKeys BW film, no flash, and with the assistance of a Photojojo macro lens attachement.

Earthbound Arts: More Than Just Skulls

I’ve managed to collect a fair bit of skull-related jewelry and accoutrements over the years, and I thought this challenge’s grainy black & white format would make a cool highlight vehicle for these as a series. This particular skull is a necklace pendant made by Winston-Salem artist, Lucy Duncan of Earthbound Arts, one of my favorite local businesses for one of a kind creations that make excellent holiday gifts, birthday presents, and just cool stuff to have around the house. Check out Earthbound Arts on Facebook, or stop by the gallery/shop on Trade Street, part of Winston-Salem’s thriving Downtown Arts District. I’m not sure if they do mail orders, but if you’re in Winston-Salem and are in the market for some cool handcrafted pottery, sculpture, handmade soap, beads, copper creations, herbs – or, if you’re lucky, some skull jewelry – definitely have a look. Inventory refreshes constantly, prices are very reasonable, and you’ll always get friendly service and conversation from Lucy Duncan and Gordon Jones every time.

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What do you think? Do you have some odd collection that might make for a good photo series? Ever thought about setting up your own shop? Are there any local art shops you frequent for one-of-a-kind items? Link them in the comments!
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